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Industry information

Market prospect of optical module

Time:2017-09-22 Views:259

According to the global network communication and data communication needs to benefit 100G products market continues to increase, the light reflected financial modular Corporation 2016 annual and 2017Q1 beautiful. 

 Overall operating income and gross margin of uniform water have not the same degree of trek. For example, 2017Q1 data center AOI company has revenues of $79 million 594 thousand, up 104.19% shares of company travel. The overall revenue rose 91% quarter gross margin level of travel, 28.3% from the same period last year increased to 43.1%.Finisar 2017Q3 (financial quarter) due to 100G light The module need to rise, the company shares dynamic non GAAP gross margin rose to 37%, an increase of 22%.Oclaro due to 100G related products accounted for a substantial distance, 2017Q3 (quarterly) after operating income was $162 million, an increase of 60.5%, gross margin of 27.2% from the same period last year to 41.6%. Wade

Silicon photonics will be a new driver

In silicon photonics, now R & D company not only contains Mellanox, Luxtera, Intel, optical communications company, IBM, IMEC and other semiconductor manufacturers have also joined the field of competition in their respective direction have achieved expansion is not the same. 

For example, in August 2016, 100G Intel has completed the silicon photonic module volume shipments benefit of silicon photonics products, Intel revenue improved year by year. The income of its data center affairs mainly using silicon optical technology has a rising trend in May 2017 has been handed.SiFotonics first launched 400 G silicon integrated optical coherent receiver solution (400G ICR), which marks the company officially entered the 400G market in March 2017.Luxtera shipping industry‘s first 2x100G PSM4 silicon embedded optical module, the number of large programs then choose the Ericsson optical transceiver as the industry leader in optical interconnection scheme according to the center system of HDS 8000.

Now the silicon photonics industry chain does not constitute a stable game format, some manufacturers inspection after buying, expect the collaboration way into R & D and manufacturing sectors, such as FaceBook and Intel in 2013 to coordinate the development of data center rack, Ciena in 2016 to buy TeraXion high-speed optoelectronic components (HSPC) affairs. We believe that the development of silicon photonics technology needs excellent technical support and long time a lot of capital investment, with strong technical accumulation and surplus funds of the company is expected to hard-edged.

High speed optical module stimulating revenue, China‘s power is rising

Chinese vendors come out in the field of optical modules for 100G existing products, is expected to take at the corner overtaking. The underlying domestic product series streamer module manufacturers, manufacturers have Chinese scheme in high-speed optical module, and there have been 100G products. 

And China equipment manufacturers ahead of the global (HUAWEI), the data center needs to be strong, the light sensitive module manufacturers femoral growth, China manufacturers is expected to turn to overtake, seize more market proportion. Now, domestic and foreign manufacturers are in steady income of foreign manufacturers and income gap in the journey continues to decrease, the domestic manufacturers of products in the vivid scenes of the use of follow up. The optical module caused by a To belittle customers slack, in view of optical modules now relatively simple competition, domestic manufacturers to trek through technical level and product quality is to seize more market proportion of the center.

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